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Boy Scout Oath, Law, Motto, Slogan, Outdoor Code
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We honor the memory of Jerry Chernak - former Scoutmaster, Committee Member and Friend to all Scouts and Scouters - who passed away 11/09/2004. 
Fort Gatlin District of the Central Florida Council


Scoutmaster Moment

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Shabbat Shalom,

It is not often I am held speechless with such an honor as receiving the National Shofar Religious award. I rarely go out of my way to receive honors as I believe others are more deserving than I.

I would like to thank Rabbi Chizever and Temple Israel for letting us hold Scout Sabbath here this year. I would like to thank our congregants, friends, family and invited guests for coming to celebrate here with us. Thank you.

Usually when a scoutmaster gets up to speak at an end of a meeting he usually gives the Scoutmaster Minute. Those of you who know me can testify that I usually go on for quite a while. However, the Rabbi has only allowed me five minutes to talk as we negotiated very heavily on this point.

You have heard from one of our scouts tell you what Scout Sabbath means and you have seen our scouts take on the task of performing a ritual dating back 2,500 years. They have carried on the task of holding honor to us all. They are living the ten commandments G-D has commanded us to live by. They are strengthening their resolve to learn, to be educated, to teach, and to be positive in their lives. Our ancestors knew what it meant to earn their freedom, to work and live in different cultures and yet be able to live and work together in a diversified world. We are teaching these scouts to be able to work together, not only amongst themselves, but with their counterparts in other religions and cultures. We are striving to bring these young men to be understanding of different cultures, not to be indifferent to other races or religions but to be our future leaders in this community and our nation. These scouts are ambitious, and we try to focus that ambition by teaching them not only camping, or how to be astronomers, but we give them the opportunities and the tools to work along all people from all walks of life to learn those lessons and to teach them the values that G-D has taught and has given to us. I was listening to some music and some words came to mind. They were: “Whoever saves one life saves the entire world”. I believe we are teaching these young men that very important lesson. That is, they are learning to care for at least one person who in turn can care for another and teach that another person without racial strife on a very long road that we all must contend with.

What is it you may ask; what can we do to produce these good citizens? What is it that we can do to show these young men how to lead, to be ethical, to have a spiritual growth, a personal growth to create the skills necessary for their future, to develop character and humility? What can each of us do?

It is not an easy answer in this age. But I believe it starts at home where you lead by example by encouraging responsibility, to learn by mistakes, even though we don’t want to let them make the same mistakes we did and hurt themselves, but they still need to be educated in that responsibility. I believe it starts in school where teachers teach and educate in an environment for learning where there is no anti Semitism, racism or differences in culture that get in the way of learning and learning to be human. The education process is to be taught and to help use those lessons. We do this in scouting as we empower our scouts to lead their troop. I believe it starts with each one of us as we show kindness to each other, where we do not humiliate one another, not to cast negative criticism on one another, where we can join together in service and show G-D that we are trying to learn and live by his commandments. This is leadership.

I ask each one of you, to ask yourself how I can support my scout. How can I help this individual attain what he wants?

Show these individuals a caring hand. Volunteer in some small way to at your synagogue or church. Work within the community to bring together different cultures and learn from each other. Volunteer to help lead these fine young men by donating your time, your experiences, and your knowledge. To volunteer and to lead by example is the way help all of these fine young men.

Thank you.

These were our Scoutmaster's comments expressed Saturday, February 11, 2006 during Scout Sabbath shortly after receiving the Adult Jewish Religious Award: The Shofar Emblem.





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