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Welcome Scout Parents

Congratulations!  Your son has decided to join in the fun and adventure of Scouting and we are glad you chose our Boy Scout Troop 641 family.  The first thing you will notice is that you're not in Cub Scouts anymore.  In Boy Scouts, the Scouts take the lead and the parents provide support.  This makes some new parents feel uncertain and all parents go through an adjustment period.  Don't worry if you are not exactly sure what is supposed to happen at scout meetings; the scouts have it covered!  This page should help you to understand Troop 641's Boy Scout program.

Other than going to meetings, the three best sources of information regarding troop activities are: email communications, text messages, and the Troop 641 calendar. Our Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader sends out emails on a regular basis regarding troop activities. Check out our website at for updates to our calendar and other valuable information.

Each Scout will receive a login ID to Troop Master Web; this is an online database that is used to track advancement, troop activities, attendance, and more.  All Scouts and parent should know the basics of logging on and navigating Troop Master Web so you can monitor your son's progress toward the rank of Eagle. Contact our Advancement Chairperson for details.

Parents are also asked to consider taking on a role in supporting the troop's activities.  To participate in troop's camping trips, adults must be registered with BSA, but not every parent has to become an Assistant Scoutmaster.  There are countless behind-the-scenes activities that keep a troop functioning and there are many different ways for dads and moms to contribute their talents in small or large roles.  You are also invited to attend the Troop Committee meetings once a month to see the great work done to provide an amazing Scouting experience for your son. 

One big difference between Cubs Scouts and Boy Scouts is how advancement requirements are handled.  Parents do not sign off on their son's requirements.  Scouts complete advancement requirements with other Scouts during Scout activities.  Please help your Scout preserve all of the documentation for his advancement and merit badges, as he will need it for his Eagle Scout application.  More information on advancement is provided on the Scout Information page.  Our Scouts advance at our variety of activities and they learn, often with hands-on participation.

Merit Badge Counselors
The troop is always recruiting merit badge counselors for the hundreds of merit badges offered through the Boy Scout program.   Your involvement, sharing your special skills or interests, could inspire a Scout to develop a lifelong hobby, pursue a particular career, or become an independent, self-supporting adult. There are no specific requirements for teaching most merit badges; however, counselors must register with BSA for the badges they teach.  Merit badge counselors will also want to review the Merit Badge Center and the BSA National Council Guide for Merit Badge Counselors for tips on teaching merit badges.  






"Be Prepared"