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Welcome New Scout!

As a Boy Scout in Troop 641, you are in for great fun, adventure, friendship and lots of camping!  You will learn outdoor skills, including building fires, handling an axe and knife, compass navigation, cooking, hiking, nature study and first aid.  On your trek to Eagle Scout rank, you will explore more exciting hobbies and hone your life skills by earning merit badges and serving others.  You can look forward to a high-adventure trip to Sea Base, Philmont Scout Reservation or maybe Northern Tier.  You will also step up as a leader of your peers and you will pass along your knowledge and skills to the new scouts that follow in your footsteps.

Each registered member of the troop has a Troop Master Web account; this is an online database that is used to track advancement, troop activities, contact information and more.  All scouts and adults should know the basics of logging on and navigating Troop Master Web so you can monitor your official advancement records.  Contact the Advancement Chairperson for details.

Troop meetings

Troop meetings are held on Sunday afternoons at the Jewish Community Center in Maitland during the school year and sometimes during summer vacation.  The uniform for meetings is troop t-shirt, shorts or pants, and closed shoes like sneakers. Scouts should try to attend every meeting and come prepared with the Boy Scout Handbook, merit badge class materials, etc. 


Troop 641 Scouts can wear a Class “B” uniform (Troop 641 t-shirt, shorts or pants, socks, and closed shoes like sneakers.   A Class A Field Uniform  (scout shirt, pants, belt, socks, neckerchief) is worn at Camporees, special ceremonies like Courts of Honor, community service activities and during travel to/from Summer Camp.  Merit badge sashes will be worn to Courts of Honor, Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review.  Troop 641 will provide you with a class b T-shirt when you join the troop.  The rest of the uniform and patches are your responsibility.  Uniform items can be purchased at the Scout Store at the Central Florida Council office in Apopka, Travel Country in Altamonte Springs, or online through


Troop 641's outdoor program includes traditional tent camping and overnight backpacking trips in the wilderness.  There are also Camporees, where many troops gather for a campout, fellowship, competition and scoutcraft.  During the summer, we attend a one-week summer camp at a Boy Scout camp out of the State of Florida.  The Troop has been to summer camps in: Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maine, Virginia, and Tennessee.

Scouts should leave cell phones and electronic entertainment (iPods) at home.   Adult leaders carry cell phones for emergencies.  One of the rewards of camping is taking a break from the noise of modern life and appreciating the quiet solitude of nature.  Please respect your fellow campers by leaving electronics at home.

Always use insect repellent to avoid ticks and chiggers, and always wear a hat and sunscreen because most treks involve hours in full sun exposure.  Additional information, relevant to each outing, is provided at the time of event preparation.

Troop Camping: Tents and Backpackers

Troop 641 is fortunate to have its own camping gear, to include tents, stoves, lanterns, and canopies, making our campouts purely awesome.  Patrol boxes contain stoves, pots, silverware and other necessary items for a pleasant camping experience.  The boys learn all facets of cooking, including dutch oven cooking.  Our Troop has a 16 foot fully-equipped trailer housing our gear.

When the Troop goes on overnight backpacker trips, Scouts share the load.  Cooking gear and food are divided among the unit.  Tents and other gear are divided between Scouts attending.  The Scouts learn water purification techniques, outdoor cooking in primitive environments, how to pack a backpacking backpack, and they learn skills necessary to work on both the hiking and backpacking merit badges.

Camping Gear

Before buying any gear, please talk with other members of the Troop and adult leaders.  Traditional tent camping gear is vastly different than gear used on an overnight backpacking trip.  Adult Leaders and Scouts in the Troop have years of experience, with attendance at Philmont Scout Reservation and National Jamborees.  You should talk to the Leaders of the Troop, as they are valuable resources and they know where to get your gear at reasonable prices.     

Rank Advancement

One big difference between Cubs Scouts and Boy Scouts is how advancement requirements are handled.  Your parents do not sign-off on your requirements.  You complete advancement requirements with other scouts during scout activities.  Please make sure that you save every bit of paperwork, like merit badge cards, certificates and your handbook until you have earned your Eagle Scout rank.  Remember that everyone in the troop is dedicated to helping you on your trek to Eagle Scout rank.  Troop 641 has a long and proud history of providing the necessary tools and resources to aid in the attainment of Eagle Rank.

The Advancement Chairperson keeps your official advancement records, including leadership positions, service hours and merit badges.  Troop 641 utilizes Troop Master Software to keep track of Rank Advancements and Merit Badge completion.  Always bring your Boy Scout Handbook with you to meetings and campouts so achievements can be memorialized on your journey to Eagle Scout rank.


Scoutmaster's Conference

The Scoutmaster conference is opportunity to review what the scout has learned, how comfortable he is with his knowledge, his plans for his next steps along the Path to Eagle, and a chance to discuss the troop "one on one" with the Scoutmaster

The Scoutmaster Conference is scheduled when requested by the Scout at certain rank advancement stages.  Please contact the Scoutmaster personally to schedule a conference.  The Scoutmaster will afford time for the proper Scoutmaster Conference when able, with another leader present to comply with BSA two-deep leadership policy.

Board of Review

A Scout, having met all requirements for advancing to a higher rank, and having completed his Scoutmaster Conference, will be scheduled for a Board of Review as the final stage in his rank advancement.

At the Board of Review, the Scout should bring his handbook and he should be in his full Class "A" uniform.  He will meet with several members of the adult leadership of the troop, and will discuss with them what he has done to meet the requirements for rank advancement, and in general what his plans for his next steps in the troop are to be.  Boards of Review are scheduled via the Troop Committee Chairperson and he or she will convene a body of adult leaders for this special event.

Court of Honor

The Court of Honor is an important ceremony, conducted by Scouts, where your achievements are officially awarded and recognized by fellow Scouts and families. Troop 641 has two to three Courts of Honor per year: one in the Fall, and one in the Spring, and another if the need arises.  Troop 641 believes that once a Scout has passed the Board of Review, the Scout may wear the badge of rank he has earned.  He will receive the formal Award at the upcoming Court of Honor.

Merit Badges

The Troop holds regular classes for the most popular merit badges during scout meetings.  Merit Badge classes are also a big part of summer camp.  Special merit badge classes are offered by various groups from time to time, and will be announced when they come up.  If there is a merit badge that you want to complete that hasn't been offered, check the Troop 641 Merit Badge Counselor List on Troop Master Web under the "Reports" tab.  You can also contact the Advancement Chairperson to find a counselor for your merit badge.

Service Hours & Attendance

The Troop believes that Scout Spirit is shown by attendance and active participation in the Troop's activities.  There is no formal percentage of attendance policy.  The Troop believes that Eagle Rank is earned, not given.  You can only earn the highest rank in Boy Scouts if you attend the Troop's events.  The Troop's calendar is prepared and posted long in advance.  Scouts and Families have plenty of time to schedule the Troop's events into personal calendars.  That said,  it is understandable that Scouts are involved in other activities.  School events, School testing, and family obligations are understood.  However, lack of participation in Troop events has logical consequences as rank advancement and merit badges may not be earned as quickly as those participating in more Troop events.

The Troop routinely participates in community service events and boys are credited for those hours worked.  Scout leadership should be made aware of the hours worked.  No hours worked outside of a Scouting event will be accepted unless cleared by the Scoutmaster prior to the hours worked.

Leadership Positions & Elections

Troop elections are held once a year for Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and two Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPL).  Other troop leadership positions, like Quartermaster, Scribe, Chaplain, etc, are also elected at the troop elections.  The Troop is divided into smaller units called Patrols.  Each Patrol elects a Patrol Leader during the troop elections.  The Assistant Patrol Leader is appointed by his Patrol Leader.  You should only run for a leadership position if you plan to attend all of the troop meetings and activities.  It is difficult to be a leader if you are unable or unwilling to attend Troop events.






"Be Prepared"